Please ‘curry’ up and try this dish!

There are certain cultures whose cuisine is well-known for powerful flavor, one of which is the Thai culture. As I’ve previously mentioned, the Instant Pot® (IP) can accomplish the impartment of wonderful flavor in a relatively short amount of time.  So, just like how my pre-IP life was devoid of risotto (please see this previous…… Continue reading Please ‘curry’ up and try this dish!

All hail the quinoa!

Hello, hello!  Excited to share this recipe with you today because the flavors are a bit different than those in previous recipes.  Again, its a really satisfying dish, and fits nicely into a vegetarian (or in our case a ‘Weekday Vegetarian’) lifestyle.  Of course, we’ll be using my trusty Instant Pot® (IP) again!  Hope you enjoy!…… Continue reading All hail the quinoa!

Sweeeeeeeet! (Potatoes, that is)

Good afternoon, all!  The next vegetarian Instant Pot® (IP) recipe I’ll share is one that highlights the sweet potato – a nutritious vegetable that can be prepared in a variety of ways, is quite satisfying, and also happens to be the very first food both of my children tried as they embarked on their journey of…… Continue reading Sweeeeeeeet! (Potatoes, that is)

Let’s give them sorghum to talk about

I recently attended the Today’s Dietitian Spring Symposium and was re-introduced to an ingredient I hadn’t heard about since my graduate school days – sorghum (back then, a scientist was using my lab to make beer from sorghum!) Of course, today, I’ll focus on using sorghum within a food context. I’ll discuss sorghum’s health benefits…… Continue reading Let’s give them sorghum to talk about

I know it sounds cheesy, but. . .

. . . this is such a ‘grate’ recipe! Okay – now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, let’s talk about our next vegetarian Instant Pot® (IP) recipe. This dish is delightful and somewhat decadent, so my kiddos know that it’s a ‘sometimes’ food/dish (“only once in a while.”) That being said – it is…… Continue reading I know it sounds cheesy, but. . .

[Acorn] squash your hunger with this soup!

Thanks for joining me once again!  Another thing that I’ve loved about using my Instant Pot® (IP) for our relatively new ‘Weekday Vegetarian’ lifestyle is how it’s allowed me to explore ‘outside the box’ and try ingredients I don’t typically use (or even buy!). Today’s example is acorn squash.  So underrated yet so satisfying!  And what’s really…… Continue reading [Acorn] squash your hunger with this soup!

Egg-cellent omelet cups!

So, one of the ways I take the pressure off (Instant Pot® (IP) pun intended ;-)) of cooking at dinner time is by making ‘breakfast for dinner’ (B4D) The great news is that, depending on what kind of traditionally-breakfast foods I use, oftentimes B4D can be full of nutrition! This next recipe is simple, delicious and easy…… Continue reading Egg-cellent omelet cups!

“Vegetarian nachos, please, Mommy!!!”

Easy dinner nights are always on a parent’s mind. I find that, not only has the Instant Pot© (IP) allowed me to cook many delicious, flavor-filled dishes quickly, but it also facilitates cooking and freezing, which is great for a night when cooking just can’t be on the agenda. This next recipe is a great…… Continue reading “Vegetarian nachos, please, Mommy!!!”

One potato, 2 potato, 3 potato, 4. . . and then a couple more

Hey there! Back again for some more vegetarian Instant Pot© (IP) deliciousness? Let’s do this! As I’ve been shifting my family towards a more plant-based diet, I’m recognizing there are times when a recipe for a ‘side dish’ could very easily be nutritionally-adjusted to become the ‘main entrée.’ The following recipe is a GREAT example.…… Continue reading One potato, 2 potato, 3 potato, 4. . . and then a couple more

Just wait [len]’til you try this stew!

Welcome back! One thing that is inevitably necessary when you opt into a more vegetarian lifestyle is finding non-meat ingredients that keep you full. One filling ingredient you’ll see again and again in the Instant Pot® (IP) recipes I’ll be sharing is the legume. Today, I’ll be sharing a legume-based stew that is full of…… Continue reading Just wait [len]’til you try this stew!