It’s not nutty to love this tofu!

Hello, hello! Today’s vegetarian Instant Pot® (IP) recipe is quite simple and healthy, but still feels a little like something you’d ‘take-out’ from a restaurant. Plus, since it contains peanut butter, it tends to be a big hit with kids (always a plus!) Not much else to say today but enjoy! Instant Pot Peanutty Tofu…… Continue reading It’s not nutty to love this tofu!

Please ‘curry’ up and try this dish!

There are certain cultures whose cuisine is well-known for powerful flavor, one of which is the Thai culture. As I’ve previously mentioned, the Instant Pot® (IP) can accomplish the impartment of wonderful flavor in a relatively short amount of time.  So, just like how my pre-IP life was devoid of risotto (please see this previous…… Continue reading Please ‘curry’ up and try this dish!

All hail the quinoa!

Hello, hello!  Excited to share this recipe with you today because the flavors are a bit different than those in previous recipes.  Again, its a really satisfying dish, and fits nicely into a vegetarian (or in our case a ‘Weekday Vegetarian’) lifestyle.  Of course, we’ll be using my trusty Instant Pot® (IP) again!  Hope you enjoy!…… Continue reading All hail the quinoa!