Somewhere. . . over the vegetable rainbow

Hi all!  So, as a registered dietitian nutritionist, one of the biggest thing I tout is healthy variety, and a fun way to demonstrate this in a dish is by making it colorful (this also happens to excite young eaters!) In fact, this next vegetarian Instant Pot® (IP) recipe is so colorful, it has ‘rainbow’…… Continue reading Somewhere. . . over the vegetable rainbow

You’ll be so ‘berry’ glad you tried these muffins

Hi again! As you may have remembered from last time, my plan for these next couple of posts is to pay homage to the states my family and I visited this summer.  Well, after spending time in Connecticut, we made our way up north to Maine.  We enjoyed coastal cool fresh air, farm produce and…… Continue reading You’ll be so ‘berry’ glad you tried these muffins

All hail the quinoa!

Hello, hello!  Excited to share this recipe with you today because the flavors are a bit different than those in previous recipes.  Again, its a really satisfying dish, and fits nicely into a vegetarian (or in our case a ‘Weekday Vegetarian’) lifestyle.  Of course, we’ll be using my trusty Instant Pot® (IP) again!  Hope you enjoy!…… Continue reading All hail the quinoa!