Somewhere. . . over the vegetable rainbow

Hi all!  So, as a registered dietitian nutritionist, one of the biggest thing I tout is healthy variety, and a fun way to demonstrate this in a dish is by making it colorful (this also happens to excite young eaters!) In fact, this next vegetarian Instant Pot® (IP) recipe is so colorful, it has ‘rainbow’…… Continue reading Somewhere. . . over the vegetable rainbow

Prepare yourself for a soup-herb meal!

I don’t really have a cute little story related to today’s recipe.  It’s merely a dish that is a) chock full of veggies, b) quite easy to make, using the Instant Pot® (IP), c) super flavorful, and d) a nutritionally-complete meal, even if you decide not to serve anything else alongside it.  So, let’s not…… Continue reading Prepare yourself for a soup-herb meal!