Prepare yourself for a soup-herb meal!

I don’t really have a cute little story related to today’s recipe.  It’s merely a dish that is a) chock full of veggies, b) quite easy to make, using the Instant Pot® (IP), c) super flavorful, and d) a nutritionally-complete meal, even if you decide not to serve anything else alongside it.  So, let’s not waste any more time and get to it!

*Instant Pot Minestrone Soup
Serves 4-6


2 tablespoons olive oil
1 large onion, diced
1 large carrot (or 8 baby carrots), diced
2 stalks celery, diced
3 cloves garlic, chopped
1 teaspoon dried oregano
1 teaspoon dried basil
3/4 teaspoon salt
¼ teaspoon pepper
28 ounce can crushed tomatoes
15 ounce can red kidney beans, drained and rinsed
4 cups vegetable broth
1 bay leaf
1/2 cup fresh spinach or kale (without the rib), chopped or torn
1 cup of any desired high-fiber pasta (we try to use legume-based pastas [like Banza®] as much as possible in our home)
Additional salt and pepper
Crushed red pepper, if desired
1/3 cup finely grated Parmesan cheese


1. Set IP to Sauté mode. Add olive oil, onion, carrot, celery and garlic. Sauté until softened.
2. Add basil, oregano, salt and pepper.
3. Stir in tomatoes, beans, broth, bay leaf, spinach or kale, and pasta.
4. Close IP lid and set to manual High Pressure for 6 minutes.
5. When the cook cycle is over, do a 2 minute natural release.
6. Carefully do a quick pressure release to release the rest of the pressure.
7. Remove the bay leaf.
8. Add additional salt and pepper to taste.
9. Add crushed red pepper for spice, if desired.
10. When serving, garnish with Parmesan cheese.

As mentioned in the beginning, this soup can really stand alone, nutritionally.  That being said, I did serve it with my go-to garlic bread (super simple ‘recipe’ mentioned here).

For today’s Nutrition Highlight, we’ll talk about a food that I’ve used in a number of vegetarian IP recipes already, but just haven’t turned my nutrition lens in it’s direction.  I’m, of course, talking about. . .


Carrots contain:

Biotin: involved in carbohydrate, fat and protein metabolism, DNA synthesis and cellular communication (though rare, deficiency results in hair thinning and/or brittle nails)
Carotenoids (primary type is β-carotene)/Vitamin A: Critical in proper immune function, reproduction and vision and is also involved in function of major organs like the heart, the kidneys and the lungs
Fiber: improves digestion and/or decreases blood cholesterol
Molybdenum: cofactor for enzymes involved in protein metabolism, antioxidant usage, drug and toxin metabolism and detoxification
Vitamin B6: necessary for many metabolic enzymes in addition to brain and immune function
Vitamin C: acts as an antioxidant (protect cells from damaging molecules [‘free radicals’]), is a requirement for collagen production, and is important for some neurotransmitter synthesis
Vitamin K: critical for blood clotting and bone structure

So, that’s all for now.  Please feel free to ask questions about my experience with the IP, Weekday Vegetarianism, carrots, general nutrition or whatever! See you next time!


Any content you find on Sunny Seeds Nutrition Blog is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you have regarding a medical condition.

*Recipe adapted from here:

2 thoughts on “Prepare yourself for a soup-herb meal!

  1. This soup sounds delicious. I especially love spinach in my soup (and lots of it because it tends to disappear) and I am now a fan of the chick pea pasta which I first tried per your recommendation. Keep those recipes coming.

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