These hard-boiled eggs call for a celery-bration!

With all of the ‘foodie’ pictures, blogs, shows, etc. inundating us on a daily basis, we’ve put a lot of pressure on ourselves to cook fancy and complicated meals every single day of the week.  I definitely enjoy putting a sophisticated meal on the table for my family, but I try to give myself periodic…… Continue reading These hard-boiled eggs call for a celery-bration!

All hail the quinoa!

Hello, hello!  Excited to share this recipe with you today because the flavors are a bit different than those in previous recipes.  Again, its a really satisfying dish, and fits nicely into a vegetarian (or in our case a ‘Weekday Vegetarian’) lifestyle.  Of course, we’ll be using my trusty Instant Pot® (IP) again!  Hope you enjoy!…… Continue reading All hail the quinoa!

Egg-cellent omelet cups!

So, one of the ways I take the pressure off (Instant Pot® (IP) pun intended ;-)) of cooking at dinner time is by making ‘breakfast for dinner’ (B4D) The great news is that, depending on what kind of traditionally-breakfast foods I use, oftentimes B4D can be full of nutrition! This next recipe is simple, delicious and easy…… Continue reading Egg-cellent omelet cups!