No doubt – this chili will put a pep[per] in your step!

Hello hello! Back for more, I see? Great! Although my busy life is not allowing me to post as often as I would like, I have a new found inspiration to, as frequently as possible, continue researching, perfecting and posting vegetarian Instant Pot® (IP) recipes! What’s adding to my motivation, you ask? Well, the latest…… Continue reading No doubt – this chili will put a pep[per] in your step!

This soup is ‘leek’ your lips good!

As a dietitian and a mom, I am constantly trying to find ways to provide my family with excellent nutrition, while at the same time entertaining their taste buds.  Let’s be honest, no matter your age, you aren’t excited to eat something unless it tastes good!  My assessment is that we don’t give ourselves (especially…… Continue reading This soup is ‘leek’ your lips good!

Where has this soup ‘bean’ all your life?

Seriously!  This soup might just be THE easiest thing you could possibly make in your trusty ole’ Instant Pot® (IP), and it is absolutely delicious!  It is also quite versatile in the way that you serve it.  In fact, the other night, we just decided to throw some over-medium eggs on the top, along with…… Continue reading Where has this soup ‘bean’ all your life?

“Vegetarian nachos, please, Mommy!!!”

Easy dinner nights are always on a parent’s mind. I find that, not only has the Instant Pot© (IP) allowed me to cook many delicious, flavor-filled dishes quickly, but it also facilitates cooking and freezing, which is great for a night when cooking just can’t be on the agenda. This next recipe is a great…… Continue reading “Vegetarian nachos, please, Mommy!!!”