[Acorn] squash your hunger with this soup!

Thanks for joining me once again!  Another thing that I’ve loved about using my Instant Pot® (IP) for our relatively new ‘Weekday Vegetarian’ lifestyle is how it’s allowed me to explore ‘outside the box’ and try ingredients I don’t typically use (or even buy!). Today’s example is acorn squash.  So underrated yet so satisfying!  And what’s really…… Continue reading [Acorn] squash your hunger with this soup!

Egg-cellent omelet cups!

So, one of the ways I take the pressure off (Instant Pot® (IP) pun intended ;-)) of cooking at dinner time is by making ‘breakfast for dinner’ (B4D) The great news is that, depending on what kind of traditionally-breakfast foods I use, oftentimes B4D can be full of nutrition! This next recipe is simple, delicious and easy…… Continue reading Egg-cellent omelet cups!

“Vegetarian nachos, please, Mommy!!!”

Easy dinner nights are always on a parent’s mind. I find that, not only has the Instant Pot© (IP) allowed me to cook many delicious, flavor-filled dishes quickly, but it also facilitates cooking and freezing, which is great for a night when cooking just can’t be on the agenda. This next recipe is a great…… Continue reading “Vegetarian nachos, please, Mommy!!!”

One potato, 2 potato, 3 potato, 4. . . and then a couple more

Hey there! Back again for some more vegetarian Instant Pot© (IP) deliciousness? Let’s do this! As I’ve been shifting my family towards a more plant-based diet, I’m recognizing there are times when a recipe for a ‘side dish’ could very easily be nutritionally-adjusted to become the ‘main entrée.’ The following recipe is a GREAT example.…… Continue reading One potato, 2 potato, 3 potato, 4. . . and then a couple more

Just wait [len]’til you try this stew!

Welcome back! One thing that is inevitably necessary when you opt into a more vegetarian lifestyle is finding non-meat ingredients that keep you full. One filling ingredient you’ll see again and again in the Instant Pot® (IP) recipes I’ll be sharing is the legume. Today, I’ll be sharing a legume-based stew that is full of…… Continue reading Just wait [len]’til you try this stew!

There’s so mush-room in here!

I’m so excited to embark on this Weekday Vegetarian/Instant Pot® (IP) journey with you! Today, I’m going to highlight a recipe that is a fan favorite in our house. I have to point out that I NEVER made risotto until I started using my IP. I’ve now made the recipe below easily 10 times, if not more.…… Continue reading There’s so mush-room in here!